Shadow Gallery - The Andromeda Strain Lyrics

Shadow Gallery Lyrics

The Andromeda Strain Lyrics
Lying by the dying flame
Drifting off to sleep
She drops the black leather journal
She's been clutching tight
She's a bio-engineer, hazard level four
She works the hot zone all the day

The demon seed smallpox weapons grade
Bought from Israeli intelligence
Gone rouge for a price
Decode the genome right down to the DNA
You break the code and you just might save the day

A serpent rising genetic weaponizing
There's a portent of pure evil lying out there in the dark
The hand of terror stands poised to ride out on the wind
Can we counter this undeserved hatred
Through our science and our research and the wisdom of our age
Or are we doomed to suffer at the hands of the Andromeda Strain?

Microscopic warfare the demon will retreat
From breakthrough after breakthrough
Using her own rare blood type the serum came to life
Time to publish and go clinical trial
But wait, a secret document sealed slipped through
A most insidious plot unfolds
Limited release to drive the need through the roof
The guaranteed supply secures the deal it's been approved
Assuring the quarter and the year

A serpent rising genetic weaponizing
What kind of twisted mind turns terror into cash
Sends the innocent to their death
You try to fight it but criminals united
Pharmaceutical injustice is a terror all its own
For want of power and love for the bottom line
They'll unleash the Andromeda Strain

A serpent rising genetic weaponizing
Script the sequence of the serum incorrectly to lead them on
Steal the formula destroy the seed and run
Need to fight back this undeserved terror
Through our science and our research and the cunning of our ways
Or we're sure to suffer at the hands
I'll disappear underground
Prepare to fight the next round
The Andromeda Strain

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