Shabazz The Disciple - War Trilogy (P.O.W. - Projects Of War) Lyrics

Shabazz The Disciple Lyrics

War Trilogy (P.O.W. - Projects Of War) Lyrics
(feat. Freestyle)

Mayday mayday... mayday mayday! captain Freestyle come in, you copy?

I copy, I copy seargent Shabazz

Send in the 1st platoon on 31's, I repeat, send in the 1st platoon on 31's
I located some police activity going on, you copy?

I copy that seargent Shabazz, sending them in right away

Seal off the whole 100 dwight street perimeter
I repeat, make sure all snipers take their positions on 80 dwight, you copy?

Copy, snipers taking their positions right now,
Perimeter's sealed off seargent Shabazz, copy!

North perimeter moving in!
In case of emergency, keep all air communication lines clear!!

I copy that!!
We'll be communicating by means of morse code, over and out!


[Verse: Freestyle]
Estimated time arrival 0300 hours, we need fire power
Def-con 5, boats capsized, my g.i's with 3 eyes
Dipped in the trenches, chemical disabling weapons authorized
Awaiting refueling and supplies
Plastique I devise, blend in disguise, mirrored camouflage
My tactical advantage, shoot while applying a bandage... arrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!
Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!! ahhhh!!!!!!

Freestyle, come in! yo Freestyle come in! Arsonists, come in!
Yo! yo Freestyle come in! yo you alright, Freestyle come in!
Yo Freestyle come in, you copy?

I copy! ahhhhhhh!!! Shabazz, ahhhhh!!!! ahhhh!!! my leg,ahhh!!!
They blew my leg off, mayday for help, ahhhh!!!!!ahhh!!

Yo Free, come back in!

[Airwave interception]
Section 909, attention headquarters, come in headquarters
Phase 1 of the operation is now complete
We have captured captain Freestyle
And we're taking him down for cryogenic testing, over and out!!

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