Island Of Emotion Lyrics by Sesame Street

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Island Of Emotion Lyrics
On the Island of Emotion
Surrounded by the ocean
Feelings are filling the air
Come on, let me show you what's there

Look at the smiles at Happy Harbour
Pelicans sing a giggly song
Sailboats are skipping on the water
Seagulls are laughing all night long

Let's have a cry at Weeping River
That's where to lose your misery
Cry all your sadness in the river
Wash all your troubles out to sea

On the Island of Emotion
Come on with me

Down at the Love Lagoon is lovely
Everyone strolling hand in hand
See how the breeze is blowing kisses
See how the waves all hug the sand

Anyone fond of big surprises
Visits the famous woods of Yow
Behind every tree a new surprise is
Waiting for you, here comes one now

Sadness and happiness
Love and surprise
Now we must finally
Say our goodbyes
To the Island of Emotion

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