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(I want more, want more, want more)
(I want more, want more, want more)
Yeah [5x]
(I want more, want more)

Friday night and
We're just talkin'
Stars are crashin' in the sky
Burnin' just for you and I
We don't need to
Over think this
Nothing's gonna bring us down
Show them what we're all about

All the way 101 percent
We gonna kill it
Lead the pack
Gon' take this town

Let's go watcha wanna wait for
Let's take everything we asked for
C'mon and turn it up
Let's tell them what we want
More, more, more
Let's go take over the dance floor
You'll be mine
And I will be yours
C'mon and let it play
And let me hear you say
More, more, more

(I wan't more, want more)
(I wan't more, want more)

Take my hand and
Pull me closer
Whisper nothing's in my ear
'Till the walls just disappear
Feel the music
Take you higher
Feel my heart beat like a drum
Baby, you're the only one



C'mon everybody let's go party
'Till they kick us out now
I don't care
Once we get it started
We won't stop until we get it all out
Take me there, take me there


(I wan't more, want more)
(I wan't more, want more)

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