Salt 'n' Pepa - Imagine Lyrics

Salt 'n' Pepa Lyrics

Imagine Lyrics
(feat. Sheryl Crow)


Imagine if we could live
Imagine that, imagine that
In this world without hate and prejudice
Stop the violence, break the silence
Judging each other is so crazy
Crazy, yo, why you hate me
Sometimes I think so hard, oh my God
Was it closin' in on me
I can't breathe, I can't breathe
I can't breathe, I can't breathe, oh

[Sandra "Pepa" Denton:]

(Now tell me) Do you feel the rain (Uh-huh) too much pain
Bloodstains in the brain, only the strong maintain
Mad faces, different races
Poisoning the minds of the kids with hatred, wasted (Yeah)
From mom and dad, it's sad (Crazy sad)
You mad about what, huh
Got your guard dropped
Love tryin' to get through (Oh yeah)
Ignorance got you (That's right)
Can't nobody stop you (True)
Yeah, I watched you
Calling everybody names, so how you figure (How you figure)
I don't know, you call me nigger (Nigger)
Behind my back, but I'm bigger than that
A state of mind, one time (One time)
When I shine baby, you shine (You shine)


[Cheryl "Salt" James:]

So maybe what's the solution (Tell me)
The race pollution (Word)
Was the constitution written for us (Uh-uh)
I don't trust, did they mean all, did they mean just us
No justice, back of the bus, bend over, homie (True)
If you know it, you better show it (Rock the vote)
Rock the boat, keep hope, uh
Martin Luther King (King)
Had the scheme, had the dream (Dream)
Killing must cease, we need peace
More unity in the community
That means more you and me together
Don't let the, hate block you, lock you in the past
Believe you can fly, keep your head high (To the sky)


[Sheryl Crow:]

Free your mind, let it be
You know we got rid of this hate in me (Love, love)
I've got so much love to give
Leave me alone, live and let live
Let love grow, let it flow
It's good for the heart and it's good for the soul

[Cheryl "Salt" James:]

Follow God's will (Say what)
Can you feel that (Uh-huh)
That's keepin' it real, come on y'all, kill that
Exterior don't make you superior
Skin tones is the fury of religious war zones
In your own neighborhood, it ain't all good
Guns don't make you bad, you've been had
You've been dissed, got it twisted, senses shifted
Brainwashed by an image and you was gifted
Beautiful and black when you comin' back
Sellin' crack in the land, stand up and be a man
Better get an education, divided nation
In the name of God, sex discrimnations
I can't breathe


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