Salt 'n' Pepa - I Like It Like That Lyrics

Salt 'n' Pepa Lyrics

I Like It Like That Lyrics
[You want me to say it now?

C'mon, let's go!]

All you cats in the back if you ain't wack

If you're on the side flygirls and guys

All the people in the middle when Spin drops the needle

If there's moneymakers in the front, you know what I want

I went to a party the other day around the way

With my partner, her name P-E-P-A

We were dressed to kill, ready and willin' to make a killin'

Met Spinderella at the door, what was she doin' Salt? Chillin'

We walked inside a man asked the three for ID

When he found out who we was he said, "Go ahead girls, y'all can go in free

The drinks are on the house, anything you want is yours"

Then he gave us the keys to the V.I.P. doors

I said...


"Hey, you, I like it like that!"

Hey, you, I like it like this

If I had a wish before I die

I'd like to have it like this for the rest of my life

Chillin' at the bar drinking Moet and caviar

People pointin' at us cuz they know who we are

Word had gotten around that S-N-P was in the place

Now they gathered around to get a little taste

"Yo, please, baby, please, I wanna hear you MC"

Is what this guy and his friend had said to Pepa and me

Although we tried to resist, but then I said, "Hey, what's the use?

One song won't hurt, and besides, his friend is cute"

Spindy got on a set, handed a mic to me and Pep

Then we started to rhyme, and I'm sure you know the rest

They said...


It feels good when people are on it, don't it? You know it does

Being treated like a queen on any scene just like we was

Call it juice, call it jocks, whatever it is I know it rocks

Till you sweat me and expect me to like it a lot

And say...


Yo, what are you doin'?

Put the beat back on

C'mon, stop playin' around Hurb!

Yeah, boy, you know we need some (bass!)

Yeah, it's chill now

It's ok, now let it play so we can say...


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