Salt 'n' Pepa - If You Believe Lyrics

Salt 'n' Pepa Lyrics

If You Believe Lyrics
(feat. Spinderella)

Time is short, grab ahold
Live a life, young or old
Go for some every dream
Dreams become reality when you believe
Do you believe?

You want what everybody else got
Caught up in the madness cuz focused you're not
But who's to blame when every day's the same?
Days passin' by and nobody knows your name
But this is your space, your time, your place
Got no time to sit and waste
Too quick is the pace that holds around you
But you don't have a clue cuz you didn't take control
Grab ahold of something new
Lo and behold this laziness is gettin' real old
You be the only one standin' in the cold with the blindfold
Live it up before you leave
Make your dreams realities cuz you best believe


You gotta keep buildin' for your moms and your pops
For your family and your peoples on the block
Children are here robbin' one another
Mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son
Doesn't anyone care for 'bout the gift of life anymore?
Work, wars, and famine, purse snatchin', back stabbin' for the cash
Maybe playin' fascist, evil is a passion
But God is everlastin'
You should never ask Him, "Why me?"
Be humble, follow in His footsteps and you will never stumble
Cuz no one else is you but you
Believe in yourself and make you dreams be true
Believe in yourself and all your dreams be true

[CHORUS: repeats to fade]

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