Salt 'n' Pepa - Brand New Lyrics

Salt 'n' Pepa Lyrics

Brand New Lyrics
[DJ Flex:]

Uh, uh, Here we go, uh
Ah yeah, DJ Flex with Salt and Pepa
And we about to get brand new, ah-ha
Ah yeah, uh, here we go, here we go, uh
Here we go, here we go
We about to give you a D.C. party New York style
Wait a minute

[Cheryl "Salt" James:]

Got the brand new, uh, attitude, what
Raw to the core, hardcore to your gut
Notorious, just scandalous, can't handle this
Black Miss, worth a twist
America, here to remain, maintain
Blowin' up, out the frame, we uppin' in the game
Ten years on your knees, no mercy
You wanna curse me, I'm the queen of controversy
You're thirsty, wonderin' how I got the power
Hour after hour, phat tracks as the money stacks
Keep comin' back with the bomb, to the dawn
Uh, I keeps it on without a break
While others try to fake it, I make it
She's gotta have it, see what I want I take it
No rest with duress, I'm on a quest for fights
(My mic sounds nice) Send a kiss without desire


No stoppin', no stoppin'
No stoppin', let be no stoppin'
No stoppin', no stoppin'
No stoppin', let be no stoppin'

[Sandra "Pepa" Denton & Cheryl "Salt" James:]

You give me props in my presence, compliments I'm phattest
Status got me high, but that should never matter
Success, blessings, lessons, I got plenty
Rough roads, I travel many
Paid dues so I choose, I call you out, you owe me
Made a way for you, don't play like you don't know me
Can't end till I say when, now come again
With the yes, yes, and then
Check it, check it out, ladies say, ow
To the beat yo, fellas gotta, ho
You gotta earn my respect, break a sweat baby, work it
Eliminate the job, turkey, or you can jerk it
Take it to your face with taste and play on
Billboard chart (Rap part), stay on
Arrive with the mic, it's live and Memorex
Promote safe sex, the best, one love, respect


[Sandra "Pepa" Denton & Cheryl "Salt" James:]

Once again I got the roughneckin' beats, funk sound
Peace to my peeps, be strong, lock down
Big up to everybody gettin' tons, gettin' funds
Makin' runs, lookin' out for their sons
Here we come, fly girls make your moves
Gotta get the dollar-dollar bills so we livin' how we choose
Brand new, forever reign, you know my name
Cream always rises to the top and it don't stop


Ain't no stoppin' us now
We're on the move
Ow, come on it, jump on it
Ain't no stoppin' us now
We're brand new
We got a new attitude, yeah, yeah

[Sandra "Pepa" Denton & Cheryl "Salt" James:]

Yeah, see I be crankin' up my Kirk Franklin spirituals
Believe I can fly, like the, I Believe in Miracles
Must recognize the one up above
Less gunshot, uh, more self-love

[Chorus (2x)]

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