Sal Mineo - Start Movin in My Direction Lyrics

Sal Mineo Lyrics

Start Movin in My Direction Lyrics
Can't figure out
what it's all about
You're always on my mind.
You never miss
with your sweet kiss
but you leave my heart behind.

I wanna you to start movin'
come on hold me tight.
Start movin' in my direction
and lets start our lovin' tonight.

Now I declare
my love is there
You are just my speed.
I won't behave
till I know you crave
my lovin' yes indeed


You speak-a to me
and I'm weak as a child
You call my name
and it drive me wild.
I love you baby
can't let you go
and that's why I must let you know

This heart of mine
ain't worth a dime
without your lovin, I'm cold
so if you care
then please declare
It's me you want to hold


Repeat Last 2 Verses and CHORUS

Kiss and a hold me tight
Come on, tonight
Right now, tonight.
Let's start our lovin tonight
Oh yes,
Start our lovin tonight.
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