Salacious Gods - Soulbite Lyrics

Salacious Gods Lyrics

Soulbite Lyrics
Unanimous creatures gather around
Bring forth impurity scorge
The sky and rage unbound
From heavens high and caverns low
Intoxicate this holy ground
In fumes of suphur we lay and wait
For the battlehorns to sound
Advance for twilight is upon us

Once all that is pure has gone to waste
My rivers run sour
Of smell and foul of taste

Soulbite Remorceless cruel and vile
Soulbite Forcefed with black bile

Within the fleshmade cage for your mind
We are the sole salacious and godly kind
Harsley making you aware
That our shadows are where
Your eyes are blind

Soulbite Voracious cold and foul
Soulbite Forcefed with black bile

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