Sacriversum - Whispers Lyrics

Sacriversum Lyrics

Whispers Lyrics
Keep inside your sorrow and your fear
Yeah, and your fear
For falling empire
Who's affraid of conscience if one can kill
Yeah, if can kill
Nobody knows
Where's the kingdom of the shameless God
Yeah, shamelss God
Where's kingdom of fire
You can see as always seas of blood
Yeah, see seas of blood
With bloody coasts...

Only wind can by sure
Where sad whisper was born
Only pain is your cure
For what you're looking for

Wasted land is waking for new life
Yeah, for new life
Welcoming new morning
Burning domes as sign of deadly fight
Yeah, deadly fight
Your Lord is just coming
Stop your cries, you fool, for better times
Yeah, better times
That's not necessary
I can see your brother when he dies
Yeah, when he dies
Fate's heavy to carry

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