Saara - The Symphony Of Shadows Lyrics

Saara Lyrics

The Symphony Of Shadows Lyrics
From the deep blue sky
Telling secrets, to my mind

Many fools lies
Somebody tell me truth
Nobody look to me
I can’t go on?

Maybe we never know
The place we have to go
About the life nobody know....
Just remember i’m whit you
Don’t lose your hope

Don’t laugh if you seeing me cry
Your soul are so dark
I see to much pain in your heart

Nothing left to loose
The desert has come to you?
Your light turn into Shadows
But Shadows can fly to...

How many tears you spilled?
I don’t wanto to see you cry
Something will never change.
(End of the Chorus)

Soul whit soul
Pride for pride
the war one day goes to finish
We have to let the past
The future nobody know
The way....Only you can find

Don’t let they kill your Dreams
Now you see waht i see?
The dreams can’t die

Time to make a choose
‘Cause somethings will never change
Look at me and you’ll see the sky


makes your life a happyer place
But if your dreams had disappeared...
...Come with me to see the land where the Dreams are Made

Symphony from the blue sky...
Now telling secrets to your mind...
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