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Here Again Lyrics
I said I played this song so many times before
That the melody keeps repeating.
Growing new ideas, flowing chords and notes,
Like a mountain river bleeding.
Well, I say as I look back at all the thoughts I've had,
They reflect just what I'm learning.
Yes, you know that the hardest part, yes, I say it is to stay on top,
On top of a world forever churning.
Well, you say you can laugh, but I can see that your eyes are glass.
Well, do you see, can't you see, what I'm feeling?
Yes, I've seen your face before.
Why, I've seen it everywhere,
Showing up to me without a scent revealing.
Well, I said will it ever change?
Will it stay the same?
I'd surely like to know before it's over.
Well, I said I played some.
I said it won't be long,
Won't be long before I stop and play it over.
You know I've, I've seen your face before.
Is it ever gonna, ever gonna change again?
Oh, oh I've, I've been in one place too long.
Is it ever gonna, ever gonna change again?
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