Rosemary Clooney - Youre Just In Love Lyrics

Rosemary Clooney Lyrics

Youre Just In Love Lyrics
Dennis, the menace, he's a bundle of dynamite
Oh, the things he says and the things he does
Will make you shake with fright
(Beware of) Dennis the menace
Oh, you'd better be on your toes
There is bound to be a calamity no matter where he goes
His mom and dad get nervous
Whenever he's too quiet
They never know what will happen next
A cyclone, flood or rot
Dennis the menace, though he makes your hair turn gray
When he looks at you with those eyes of blue
He'll steal your hear away

Last night I got a spanking
I don't know what to think
'Cause all I did was fill my water pistol full of ink
Now I ask you did mommy have to yell at me like that
Just because I watered all those flowers on her hat
My daddy love to ride in planes
'Way high up in the sky
He didn't see my roller skates
And oh boy, did he fly
We were playing train with daddy's chair
Me and another kid
My daddy said, "now, break it up"
So that's just what we did

Repeat 1st verse

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