Rosanne Cash - Rosie Strike Back Lyrics

Rosanne Cash Lyrics

Rosie Strike Back Lyrics
(Eliza Gilkyson)

He's a bruiser, he likes to tease you
He's a loser, you think he needs you
You always come back, you always come back for more

He winds up tight, out all night
Been drinkin' down he's looking for a fight
He knocks you down; you don't even know what for

Rosie strike back
Rosie strike back
Hit the road and never look back
You can't suffer your whole life living like that
Get goin', don't pack
Take the baby and the clothes on your back
Keep walking Rosie
Strike back

You think he's changin', weeks pass
He's angry, lies coiled like a snake in the grass
The time will come when he takes it all out on you

He throws punches, you bear with him
Don't take it on you, Rosie, don't be his victim
You can't carry the blame for what he's puttin' you through


Don't take his world on your shoulder
Don't let your heart grow much colder
There's people out there who can help you
If you let them help you
Hey, Rosie

Keep walking, Rosie


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