Rosanne Cash - Child Of Steel Lyrics

Rosanne Cash Lyrics

Child Of Steel Lyrics
I'd give a lifetime baby
To see you smile
If you could give your troubles over
For just a little while
And look at the truth
It's right here staring at you
Oh, angels bow when you walk by
And the rest of us here have always known why

Cause the soul takes it's blows and it does not re-veal
And the heart opens slow and it takes time to heal
But you can let go, It'll all turn to gold
My sweet child of steel

And I watch you walk through fire
When clear water runs near
I watch your heart break open wide
A heart I hold so dear
But look at the truth
It could burn a hole right through you
Oh, angels bow and cover their eyes
And the rest of us here could just break down and cry

[Chorus 2x]

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