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Tomorrow Lyrics
Hey, hey
Drama, ay! Lemme ask you a quick question bruh
Be honest with me, gon' tell the truth - okay
Yesterday, did you know you'd have this beat tomorrow?
Okay~! You a fool bruh!
Hey, let's show 'em how we do

[Chorus x2: Rocko]
We gon' stunt, ball, like it's no tomorrow
Hit the mall, buy it all, like it's no tomorrow
Hit the club, party hard, like it's no tomorrow
I'm a live every day like it's no f*ckin tomorrow

Nigga get money today, get some more tomorrow
745 today, Benz Coupe tomorrow
Nigga play with me, you'll read about his azz tomorrow
'07 baby and I'll catch his ass tomorrow
Buy a car today and buy another one tomorrow
F*ck my gutta hoe today, my model bitch tomorrow
Hit the Magic City Monday, blow a couple dollas
Tuesday the goon day, figa they'll hate tomorrow
We at the bar yeah on Wednesday, stuntin like my father
At the Fever on Thursday, pop a couple bottles
Muh'f*ck Gutter, I might go back there tomorrow
Hella stole the day, better waist on the model
I bought a neckpiece today, go and buy a watch tomorrow
I bet they hatin on me today, watch how I stunt on 'em tomorrow
I pissed 'em off today, watch how I shit on 'em tomorrow
I'm a ball e'ry day just like there's no tomorrow


I'm gon make some cake today, make some more tomorrow
Make some jewels today then make a couple more tomorrow
If I don't get you straight today then I'll get you straight tomorrow
Vigo hit me told me we'll be okay tomorrow
Six is today, twenty is tomorrow
Think I did it big today watch how I stunt on them tomorrow
Told her if she swallow, f*ck with her tomorrow
Oh that yo wife, may I borrow her from you tomorrow
Bright in the day, autobahn tomorrow
Get cake e'ry day like it's no tomorrow
Ball like the NBA today for tomorrow
If I live to see I'm ballin like I hit the lotto
Guc', Loui, Prada, yeah I gotta lotta
Matter fact, catch me at the Lenox Mall tomorrow
I spend a couple dollars, I get 'em back tomorrow
I'm a stunt e'ry day like it's no tomorrow

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