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Maybe (Remix) Lyrics
[Rick Ross:]
My bitch the baddest it may be my status
May be my ashton it may be black magic
Maybe I'm destined maybe it's blessings
Maybe my cubans just got me connected
I may be the best no second guessing
I go get them checks I be the freshest
Boost cost a stack that's just 10 hundreds
I never subtract I've been 100

I'm fly that's why I got
Your bitch with me right now
She say shes not bi
So I told her bye
She said why she said ok
Maybe I'll try
Maybe cause she know
She know that I'm that guy
Or maybe cause I only smoke and eat white
Or maybe it's my aura
Ya'll blowing up my tingaling
Bigger ring mingling gotta all on my dinaling
Maybe cause I'm onnnnnnnnn they wanna screw me
Maybe it's that new shit got them throwing thier cochie
Maybe cause she heard I sland that wood very good
Maybe that's why shes staring
Maybe shes ready to do it

Maybe it's my car
Maybe it's cause I'm flexing
Maybe it's my wrist peice
Got your bitch getting naked
Maybe it's my bracelet
Maybe it's my chain
Maybe it's my swagger
Got your bitch off the chain
Maybe it's cause I'm onnnn
Maybe it's my dougie
Maybe it's my cologne
Got your bitch wanna f*ck me
Maybe it's how I be thuggin
She like the way I be kicking it
Maybe it's all this money
She like the way I be gettting it

[Gucci Mane:]
Sucking on my waist like a surfboard
Call the coast guard swag jumped overboard
And the ball player EA mayor
I'm the sunvalley 'partment landlord
I'm gwaped up stay rocked up
So much bread it's a fed truck
And my lambo tint huego
My black card and your center card
Maybe it's attention deficient
Tell at&t I got a&d
Don't rock with girls with std
Got a mil dollar peice just to speak to me
Your main drop that's lame to me
Don't give robbers no sympothy
I'm over iced bipolar ice
My pinky ring bling like coke is white
They probbly want to rob me
Make em hate me no maybe
Keep buying these feraris
Like I'm crazy cause I'm crazy
Them Gucci sacks on baby
No probably no maybe
Just wanna be me it's radric davis
No probably no maybe


[Soulja Boy:]
Pull up in linux mall
That money man I'm spending it
What's on my credit card
You know that thang unlimited
Soulja tell em my bruhs
I'm turnt up to the maximum
Shawty wanna lick me
Because my diamonds platinum
Fall of in the club
Get mugged from all them lame niggas
But they don't want to touch
Me beam on our choppers brain nigga
Me and Rocko
You know we doing it big time
Atl on deck
We gon shine bout 10 times
Soulja tell em sin sin
West side that be my neighborhood
These days on drop top leather wood
Phantom on them 4s
Shout out to my brother Gucci
Soulja tell em you know how we goes
Man we shoot a movie

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