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Maybe Lyrics
Maybe it's my... Maybe it's my... [repeat]
Maybe it's the way you look
Maybe it's yo midas touch
It's our chemistry
Maybe it's the way we f*ck (oh no)
Maybe it's the way you smell
I really like that fragrance
Maybe it's the way you make me feel
I feel like taking it
Maybe it's your personality
I'm diggin your demeanor
Maybe it's yo nationality
Maybe it's you latina
You's a bad bitch if ever seen one
Maybe it's da way you strut yo stuff
Is what make you a diva
Normally I just hit and run
But Maybe I shoud keep her
Maybe we should cruise da city
Maybe I should leave her (oh no)
Maybe I should take her with me really I dunno
I told ha if she make me cum
Maybe I'll let her go

Maybe it's my car
Maybe cause I'm flexing
Maybe it's wrist piece
Gotcha bitch getting naked
Maybe it's bracelet
Maybe it's my chain
Maybe it's my swagga
Gotcha bitch off the chain
Maybe it's cause I'm ON
Maybe it's my dougie
Maybe it's my cologne
Gotcha bitch wanna f*ck me
Maybe it's how I be thuggin'
She like the way I be kicking it
Maybe it's all this money
She like the way I be getting it
Maybe it's cause she know, I got the Bin Laden
Oh tho' that I been here, Old cats that I been had
Maybe it's the Pig Latin, espanol, italino
Maybe it's cause I'm trilingual, when I come talk to my amigos
Maybe it's cause I'm flexin,
Counting all these necklace'
Maybe it's that time piece
Gotta trying to get naked
Maybe she just like the way I party in this bitch (I Party!)
Pants sagging from all this money I brought up in this bitch
(It's what I do!)
Maybe it's my gangsta
She don't f*ck with them suckas!
She know she love a hustler
Maybe that's Why I f*ck with her
Maybe that's why she f*ck with me
Maybe cause I'm hot,
Maybe cause I'm cold,
Maybe cause you NOT!


Maybe it's the way I do my thang,
Gotta these ngas hating
Maybe it's cause I f*cked they bitch
Maybe that's why they contemplating... (on what?)
On a way to end me, maybe they just won't my spot
They want a car like mine, maybe they just want my watch
I just sit and watch, maybe I should say something
But when I see them sucka ngas they don't say nothing!
I'm an OG, I wear my stripes like a Ref!
Maybe once I got Right, them ngas felt Left!
Maybe I should grab that thang and kill all the confusion (bllaahhtt)
Granddaddy told me before he died just kill em with yo music!
Maybe it's cause I'm winning, maybe cause I'm super cool
Maybe it's cause I'm fly, maybe it's cause I'm that dude!
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