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Karma Lyrics
I done a lot of good, I done a lot of wrong, dis real shit, I advise u listen to this song. A nigga robbed me 15 yrs ago(where)
Back in canridge swats sides on 4, never forget that day, thought it was all g's, but niggas hating man dey hating on a small g.
Stuck me witha shank, left a whole in ma face, took my heroin, bone, money, beeper off my waist. Next day I squad up, got all the
Tools out, got a hot bos, roll round lookin for dudes house, lucky for me I ain't catch him, woulda been dead, unlucky for him
F*cked round, he touched the wrong kid, that karm fool, it hit cha from the blind side, he got shot 9 times now he paraylized,
Plz forgive him lord, even a thug pray, but I pray my past don't come back to haunt me

Told me it was destiny, came to me 1 night I was dreamin, dese crazy visions I kept on seeing, all the money and clothes, all
The drugs that I sold from the life that I chose, but it could be karma, cause all these things u do it could haunt cha, if u do it wrong it come right back
On ya, all the money and clothes, all the drugs that I sold could be the reason u ain't livin tomorrow.

I remember I flexed a nigga for a couple chips, juss being greedy man I ain't even need dat shit, country nigga, he know me from a peice of meat,
But I had to do it to him man dat nigga was supa sweet, next week u won't believe what happned to me, dem folk came I took a loss on like 400g's, dat
Lil 100stack cost me 300strong, but it's my fault because dat shit I did was dead wrong. Damn y I do dat shit, dat was supa dumb, too late to cry about it
Now nigga what's done is done, u do bad u get bad, and dats karma buddie, it don't matter where u hide, ain't no runnin from it. I asked myself have I paid for all this
Dirt I done or is it gonna catch up wi me before my time is done, I'm doin good good now, I can honestly say, but I pray my past don't come back to haunt me


Generational curse cause of what my daddy did, wat his daddy did, dat shit sound weird, I know the words so I know that ain't right, forgive me lord, I'm just
Trynna get my stack right. The bible said he said "fo was both life and death"blessings and curses told us choose 4 ourselfs. He told us choose life so we can
Stay blessed so u and yo kids can have different sets. Instead we choose death, u know that curse sign, dat kill a nigga, sell dope, u know that dirt sign. I'm doin
Good now, I can honestly say, but I pray my past don't come back to haunt me

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