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Feels Guud Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Feels guud to be succesful
Feels guud to be on top
Feels guud with all this ice
Feels guud to be this hot
Feels guud to push that drop
Down the block, while they watch
Feels guud to hold that presidential theme gold by the top
Feels guud to be the underdog
They never see you coming
Feels guud being stand up never see me running
Feels guud let them show though my music word for word
Feels guud that all the G ain't gotta slang another bird
Feels guud know our mom can get a good night sleep
No stress, no worries about me dying in the street
Feels guud when your kids call you dad
That's that unconditional love I give to 'em, I never had it

Feels guud [x9]

[Verse 2:]
Feels guud, Been a don, and they spit me if I won
The hearts of all the real motherf*ckers from the slumb
Feels guud, that when your leg is sport
They gaga that shit a safe
Feels guud, when your report come back, straight A's
Ain't no mystery, ain't no history you real as a hundred dollar bill
I swear this shit feel good as hell
Feels guud, when you don't owe a nigga shit
Walk around and tell like this another worry without a fear
Feels guud, to see my face upon that toll, jam of the week
Rewind the shit a decade, I was jamming on the week
Feels guud, they wanna take pics but never they bump a tea
Feels guud, same niggas you were bumping now they bumping you

Feels guud [x9]

[Verse 3:]
Feels guud, when they starring on them titles all them D's
Feels guud, no you investing ripping a harvage from the seas
That you sold all those days, that you prayed for a better way
Feels guud, just to know that you're ok, it feels great
Feels guud, when you get paid to do the shit you love to do
Feels guud, er'where you go the people love you
The haters talking about you every second, every minute, every hour
They promoting you ain't that a blessing, it feels guud
Paying cash for that 2 million dollar crib
Not because it cost 2 million, because you always got a place to live
Feels guud, being A1, been like this since day 1
Made it out the hood, I swear it feels so good

Feels guud [x9]
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