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Busy Lyrics
If I ain't busy doing something
I'm busy thinkin of something to do
Get some business bout yoself

[Verse 1:]
I be so busy gettin money I ain't got time to talk
Be too busy buying cars I ain't got time to walk
Be so busy on the low I ain't got time to eat
Be so busy on the hustle I ain't got time to sleep
I be so busy gettin quickies ain't got time to lay
I be too serious being busy ain't got time to play
Be so busy on the grind still find time to shine
Be so busy flippin twenty's I ain't got time for dimes (No)
Not in this lifetime
No way possible
I'm too busy breaking down peas lifting boxes and stuff
Running from the cops and stuff
With them pots and stuff
You know just said that shit gettin gwaup and stuff

Man I be busy in the trap
I be busy movin packs
I be busy handling business I ain't got time for all of that
I be busy gettin stacks
I be busy gettin change
Ain't time to be playing games
Man I busy than a muthaf*cka
I be busy on the block
Doing shows getting gwaup
Man you know how shawty rock
Man I be busy than a mutha
Man I be busy doin my thang
Ain't nothing changed but my change
You know how we do it man

[Verse 2:]
I got insomnia
I can't sleep man
I'm getting money
I'm a busy man
Down in Florida
Handling business man
I'm like Snow White
You met me down in Disneyland
Fernando down in Orlando
? Que pasa chico? Gimme whateva I can handle
I be busy all times just weighin them in
One ton that's two mil my friend
I counted 1.9 weigh it again
Man I be busy than a mutha say it again
Ay where you at
I'm everywhere
From city to city
I'm getting money ducking snitches
I'm so busy
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