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Ronnie And Clyde Lyrics
We at it again, everybody now,
Hands in the air, it's a stick up, stick up,
No funny business or you get lit up, lit up!
You test I (I), you gonna die,
And at your funeral your momma gonna cry.
So customers kiss the floor, floor
And clerks open cash drawers slow, slow
If you don't wanna end up dead
You'll do everything Shy Ronnie says
Tell 'em, Ronnie!

Hey it's shy Ronnie
Now you down on the floor
I'm getting changed in my bag in the back of the store
But I'm gonna go and be the best
I knew it and suck my dick in the butt in the forest
But it doesn't matter
Because we coming for your money ha-haa!

[Sung during Ronnie's rap:]
No one in the bank can hear you,
Shy Ronnie use your outside voice!
We don't have time for this!
Let's go!

So stay underground it's a stick up, stick up!
Your wallets and jewels we'll pick up, pick up!
Unload the cash, move your ass,
We gettin' money, tell em' Shy Ronnie!

[Ronnie mumbles]

[Sung during Ronnie's rap:]
Please, please use your words!
Just imagine that everyone's naked.
Uh oh!

Boner alert! you really picture them naked,


Why did I think you could do this?
Ronnie hostage on the move [gunshot]
He shot himself.
Why is your gun so small?
The police are on their way
Good luck, Shy Ronnie
Bye, bye!

Ronnie motherf*cker and I'm back from the dead,
Brain bored with the murder, so I shot my own leg
Don't get the name twisted, cause I'm crazy as shit
I hung a giant ass noose off my giant ass dick

Aye, I forgot this money,
And also this guy!
Come on, we gonna have sex!

And you could hang from it,
Cause you don't wanna see my real gun,
Shots through the sky
But your face sound real fun!
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