Ricky Nelson - Never Be Anyone Else But You Lyrics

Ricky Nelson Lyrics

Never Be Anyone Else But You Lyrics
Never Be Anyone Else But You
Ricky Nelson
Written by Baker Knight

Peak chart position # 6 in 1959

There'll never be anyone else but you for me
Never ever be, just couldn't be, anyone else but you

If I could take my pick of all the girls I've ever known
Then I'd come and pick you out to be my very own


A heart that's true and longs for you is all I have to give
All my love belongs to you as long as I may live


BRIDGE: I never will forget the way you kiss me
And when we're not together, I wonder if you've missed me

'cause I hope and pray the day will come when you belong to me
Then I'm gonna prove to you how true my love can be


Mm, mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm

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