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Veteran's Day Lyrics
[Lil Wayne:]
I like my pussy a little wetter, my drinks a little colder
My girls a little older with her hair past her shoulders
Like my weed a little stronger, my money a lot longer
If blooding ain't right than I couldn't be a wronger
I'm a bad motherf*cker, be very afraid
Boy this heat will give your ass a raspberry beret
Been in the building motherf*cker we ain't never escape
Cash money is the army, veterans day
The block got hotter, the World got colder
So f*ck a diamond chain we wearing guns on our shoulder
If you want it you can get it, come and sign up,
We got choppers that will put that Tony Romo 9 up
Man we so about it, 5 star count it
Could have f*cked the World but I left it how I found it
Took the game to school now I'm bout to cap and gown it
Got a circle of success you can say I'm well rounded.
Yeah and by the way my name is Tunche

Uptown roller, take it off your shoulder
Tommy's with the flag, spent the hundred high rollin'
Flipped it off the condo, made it off the conda
Sky scraping condo top floor aroma
High to the sky when I step up in this bitch
Thousand dollar cologne, no ceiling in this bitch
The marble for the Louie the bag full of cash
Keep a strap on me, a mill on the tab
Priceless with these numbers, flipping in the seat
Junya doing time, kicking up his feet
A mill on the books, I'm stuntin with a fleet
A pretty red bitch we smash every week
Blowing on some good Maybach back seat
The bitch sleeping good, a mill on the sheets
Born rich from the hood YMCMB
Yeah Maybach, brrrap

[Rick Ross:]
I'm that fat motherf*cker, young entrepreneurs
Zombies in the street we got them pouring out the sewers
Most controversial in the motherf*cking truest
And by looking at my jewels I'm still the motherf*cking coolest
Waving your flag you just a f*cking blood donor
And this bitch far from bad who put these f*cking Uggs on her
Took her to California spent a f*cking dub on her
When she walk up in the club now every f*cking thug want her
I'm just so f*cking special, let's see what's on the menu
F*ck the promoter my grand bigger than the venue
This the shit I'm into all black in the rental
My chopper be making hits it's such a sad instrumental
These niggas love boys enjoying there little toys
I'm building hotels off the coast of St. Croix
100 mill I accept nothing less
Black Rayban's at Obama's next address
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