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Trap Luv Lyrics
[Intro - Yo Gotti:]
I'm in a jungle
Lions, tigers and gorillas and shit nigga
It's a lot of monkey ass niggas out here too
'Lotta hustle nigga
Rules, laws, strategy

[Verse 1 - Yo Gotti:]
10 million dollars later I'm a blessing nigga
How a nigga rich but still stressing nigga
Glock .40, Smith & Wesson nigga
Streets will never ever stop testing niggas
Youngin' give 'em a head shot, send a message nigga
Part rapper, part goon, still finessing nigga
I believe in hustle I don't f*ck with luck
And it's f*ck em kill em all if they don't f*ck with us
Them three letters mean a lot boy, sacrifices
Cocaine Mafia, double check the prices
Niggas killing niggas like they got a license
Niggas crossing over like they Allen Iverson
F*ck that iPhone 6, they be tracking niggas
I'm about to get a beeper, fade to black on niggas
Gotti, goodnight, I'm gone
I be back when they quit living through phones
When niggas put the gram down and pick the grams up
You got follows but no dollars man that shit ain't adding up
Nah, and all the dirt I done, all the bricks I sold
I can't sleep at night, paranoid it shows
I be strapped on stage, f*ck the award show
Cause I shoot this bitch up and only God knows

Yeah like I told you a long time ago fam, y'all gon' hold it against you. I keep fighting doing this to y'all. Every time I get something in the mail whether it's favorable or not from the courts, I keep putting it down because y'all are my motivation. I appreciate the love

[Verse 2 - Rick Ross:]
Niggas riding gold rims and they mama po'
And they kill a family member for that envelope
I'm the Lionel Richie to these Commodores
We flip pies to franchising Dominoes
I speak for dope boys every track I'm on
Until this day my people never rat or told
Posted 20 in, I'm talking fed pen
The line between us both have gained so very thin
Amongst my boys of W.E.B. Du Bois
Souls of black folk to hustle wasn't a choice
Rap game everybody skimming off the top
F*ck interest as long as you pull it off the lock
Hoes on the f*ck, haters wanna hate
Certified sack boy, black Ronald Reagan
Double M no longer that Buick Regal money
Nickel rock niggas so don't make me put a kilo on it
Negotiating for it or either we take it
Niggas even shooting choppers in a f*ckin' cadence
Fell out with some people that I still love
I guess that's how it goes when it's real blood
I remember counting cash standing in the trap
I turned my hat to the back, had a hundred stacks
60 m's later and 300 tax
Still losing weight with the south on my back, nigga

[Bridge x4:]
I pray you play by the rules
I came so close to the edge

[Outro - Rick Ross:]
Ain't no mercy young nigga
It's the jungle, locs
And I pray you rich forever
Gotti, I pray you rich forever
All my niggas I pray you rich forever
When you smokin' and you vibin' to this shit
I pray you rich forever my nigga
Hood Billionaire
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