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Rick Ross Lyrics

Speedin' Lyrics
[Intro: Rick Ross {R. Kelly}]
You Know Me,
{O ooooh, o ooooh},
{O ooooh, o ooooh}

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Every dollar that I count can't go in my account,
My account can't count up all my money in an hour,
'Cause it's comin too fast and I'm scared it won't last,
Look that white girl in her face,
Told her this was her last dance, goddamn (damn),
Speed got my heart racin',
See I don't have the nominations,
You can blame it on my occupation,
Caesar salad, Caesar's Palace,
You not a boss lil' nigga cause your cheese is average,
In the Benz AK ridin' shotgun,
It's a Benz cause your broke 'till you got one,
It ain't nothing do a 100 in the maybach,
Throwin' money out the roof muthaf*ck the brake pads.

[Chorus: R. Kelly]
Fast life, I live, big cars, big cribs,
Speedin', I'm Speedin',
I can't stop, it's all I know,
From a youngin' I was taught get dough,
I'm Speedin', Speedin', I'm Speedin'

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
People came lookin' for me shit I got ghosts,
See the west coast close and up in the Montrose,
Big money boss major,
American Idol, I got fans like Fantasia,
Read between the lines or yo' ass like Fantasia,
Get hit between the eyes he died they can't save him,
In the Porsche I'm weavin', no no but I'm Speedin',
Staring at the skyline I got a million on my mind (I'm the best),
See these pussy niggas running out of time (Ricky Ross),
I'm the chill quarter mill for the time piece,
Yeah I bought a wheels like deals for the dime beats

[Chorus: R. Kelly]

[Verse 3: R. Kelly]
Sittin' in the living room watching the Grammy's,
Wishing that was me that was on the Grammy's,
All I needed was someone to get behind me (money rain on me),
I was a determined hill nigga, dirty shoes of hillfiger,
Homie help me out cause this boy a drug dealer,
Nap time cause my gift grew wings,
And now I'm flying down like the coupe grew wings,
Kells and Ross on the Hollywood scene,
Red carpet and it's smellin' like green,
Now foss cause I got paid off Calabra was the hit poppin' on R&B boss

[Chorus: R. Kelly]

[Rick Ross Speaking]
We fly I think somebody followin',
We hear the Heli-Pad with ya' bitch,
You worth fifteen million baby don't try to blow it all in one week,
F*ck with me,
Triple C's,
Boss (I'm Speedin', I'm Speedin'),
I'm a fly away on you haters,
And I came up so fast,
We Own Things...
Boss [echo]
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