Rick Ross - So In Love Lyrics

Rick Ross Lyrics

So In Love Lyrics
Love is a powerful word
And u been on my mind so much lately,
How can I say this

I'm always late for dinner dates lickin her face
Marathon love makin but she win the race
I live a certain life it's hard for me to feel I'm safe,
Tony Montana money creep the guards lift
The gate creeps and guards on the lawn no need to state
Versa chi couches, sandals, candles and matchin plates
This picture better then Bosky Arts greatest and ever
I'm kissing shorty in the rain but I'm makin her wetter
I'm chilling courtside Jordan 6 rings
You know we courtside till we get our 6 rings
We both on common ground it ain't a big thang
But when we come around they make it a big thang
Still on the block in that drock chicken box
They asking what that is, is that a different watch?
When I'm in stunt mode I gotta let the city watch
Or it's the clear port jet to a chilling spot
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