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Reppin My City Lyrics
[CHORUS: x2]
I be reppin my city I be reppin my city
I be reppin my city
I be reppin my city er er er'y night
I be reppin my city
I be reppin my city
I be reppin my city - no one can do it better

[Rick Ross:]
Let the top back on the Chevy
Then I crank up the boom
Smellin Issey Miyake
Soon as I step in the room
Hundred thousand in jewels
That's a whole lotta moves
So what's a soldier to do
Standin in his bloody boots
Yea I'm fresh outta boot camp
Ain't gotta food stamp
Counterfeit bills will get you killed
Now where the goons at
It's poppin in Opalocka, floppin dem candy paints
Chrome Daytons, 12 pack of 12s in the seven trey
Still hustle everyday, Dade County be the place
Get murdered for a burger with a nickle-plated burner
Still burnin rubber, bustin rubbers
And these bitches under cover
Tell the truth I ain't a lover
But I f*ck her like I love her Boss...


I be reppin my city
I be grippin dem cities
I be flippin dem pennies
Turn em to good and plenty
I be strokin that pussy
I be smokin that kushie
I be flippin dem flounders
They be huntin my bounty
I'm the face of the hood
Every place in the hood
Triple C's in there
Come get a taste of my hood
I'm da captain of the corner
Khaki's and Coronas
Now we gotta show em
So let's patch em up and blow em
Now, blow the dice, shake em
Roll em, don't throw em
Hand clap, where it's at
Nigga show me somethin
Out in Sixy, Opalock, overtime, city buy
You know how we get it Don
Nigga, that's how I bet a thou
Project Poe, I'm the project hoe
That means, everytime I talk, the projects spoke
And we in the same struggle
So the projects know
Gotta million dollar profit
Singin project notes
Just know...


(this what I'm talkin bout right here Poe...)
Wherever I'm at I'm good nigga, hood nigga
First sign of problems, eliminate
Wish a nigga would act
Like he can't have rappers slip out the boroughs
Rosero? with the word, roses hit your mirror?
Cartel representas, center of the war zone
Super cats on the coupe, cover of the whole zone
Catch me in the Source, double XL rated
Next to million dollar Nextel
Workin, ain't trippin other checks now
Super sells, so the pussy's platinum
Back to the basics
You in danger at 16 with the beam
One in the chamber aimed at that 0 7
Got the chopper close by
Head bussa from the Bronx
Rep my city every night
Hundred thousand worth of ice
Tight work, boy that's life work
Crystal clear starin make your eyes hurt
Time for the new breed, Triple C
Custom cars and cycles
Psycho path for my math
Put my hand on the pipe torch


I be reppin my city
I be reppin my block
I be reppin my hood
I be reppin the locks
Welcome to dade county
This the bottom of the beaker
Where the beach is sexy blue
And the cocaine cheaper
High nine five nigga, let me ride
I'm in that dolphin-colored S5
Fire, look at me, I'm
Bouncin with that chick
Got the grill out my left fold
See how now I live
Call me Mr. Stephon
I gotta plush seat from Ingo P
Just know I rep my city thru Miami's E
Yea, I'm Miami's Baby...
Brisco to Opalocka, goon come save me...

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