Rick Ross - No Church In The Wild Lyrics

Rick Ross Lyrics

No Church In The Wild Lyrics
[Rick Ross:]
Prime 112 behind the double doors
As I rewind the devils floors
Pass across the courts your life's lost
Patience a virtue? Heard that you're the boss
Your informer's correct
Now give me enormous respect
Cornered the game, record label on his chain
Right hand on the bible watch the floor catch flames
Margielas on her feet
Now she riding with a lame all jealous in the Jeep
All the lil homies wanna eat
But we never settle beef
So settle your debts before there's any regrets
Gino do the graffitti and Black Evander with the Tec
My girls say that I'm a mess
DJ Khaled say I'm the best
And my city do too
20 in the trunk, that's how city boys move
8.9, now the crib got a view
Mandarin manicure, DEA in pursuit
Champagne and and a Rolex, Rose
No church for a d-boy: let's pray


[Meek Mill:]
Ain't no church in the wild for a nigga like me
In the game so foul in a world full of sin
Where the love flow thin
And the pain run deep
Cause it's blood in the streets
See the stains on the money, No love for the weak
Where it rain, never sunny, just mud on a beach
Where a hater sticks to you like mud on a cleat
Thanksgiving with the birds just drugs for a feast
Youngin only 13 with a snub in his fleece
Even though his heart's cold still got love for the heat
See the high in his eyes, hear the slugs in his speech
From the bottom of Philly, I emerge from the east
Peace! At the dealer talking Bugatti talk
You never heard it like Illuminati talk
Tell em haters that it's my mama's fault
Breaking bricks - you would think we talking karate talk
Young niggas with old money
Never trust a nigga that said let me hold something
Never trust a bitch that tell you she ain't blown nothing
The Weathermen never tell me about these cold summers
Tears dripped on my dad casket
Niggas turned me into a bastard
Glock 40 on me is plastic
Get to reaching I'm squeezing on him and clapping
And I ain't talking about similies
I'm talking head-shots where niggas won't remember me
I asked God please remove my enemies
I was surprised when I lost niggas that was friends of me
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