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Nickel Rock Lyrics
[Boosie Badazz:]
Boosie Badazz
Rozay, I know about that nickel rock

In the match box I saw my first nickel rock
Cash city, nigga with his first nickel spot
Rest in peace to Arthur, boy, we gotta give him props
In his angel house he chopped our first nickel rocks
Natural-born hustler so you know the dreams grew
Gold D's on the Chevy what cream do
Front line nigga, still I was team two
Always ready for whatever when it came to it
Young nigga took an L and he chose to tell
All the boys over there, they never took it well
Do the math on the ave when your time comes
Have your ass on your back with your eyes stuck

Paid mama's light bill with them nickel rocks
Even kept the phone on with them nickel rocks
Got my first pair of Jordans for them nickel rocks
Even felt extorted for them nickel rocks
Got it all, but the days on them nickel rocks
Got a 5 dollar sale for these nickel rocks
Seen a man kill his brother for a nickel rock
I'm a bad motherf*cker with a nickel rock

[Boosie Badazz:]
I know some niggas got popped behind a nickel rock
The best times was on the block, was on the nickel spot
Gangsta P got 30 for a nickel rock, repeated offender
Should've told that nigga stop 'fore they ate him for dinner
The church ran by a sinner since his word didn't stop
When he finish communion he gon' get a nickel rock
Lou started with a nickel rock, started flipping plenty blocks
30 years in cause he sold that first nickel rock
Got my first pussy for a nickel rock
Ain't gon' lie, that bitch was hot
If I had it she would have got a block
Rock solid over here, no question
Duncan owed 5 dollars and he stretched him
Over a nickel rock


Put the pistol in your name and you may get the blame
I just wanna feel the fame and go get the chain
Old shooter on the team, I'm Bernard King
Started with a nickel rock and got a triple beam
What you want, code red, you the Feds
Put this pistol to your head, it's time to go to bed
On account of I just want to see my daughter fed
Went to the store and I came back with just a loaf of bread
Real when you nickel rock, you wreck your deal
Boosie did a nickel, back on top the nigga real
Double M, we get the money that you never will
One nickel rock in my pocket to a half a mill

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