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Movin' Bass Lyrics
Ross is a real boss, cause real bosses don't go to jail feel what I'm saying?
So that's what I want y'all to know, you know what I mean?
As far as like his thinking patterns you know what I mean?
You know I admire y'all
The way y'all think you know what I'm saying?
And I also admire that I was apart of that foundation from day one
You know y'all was the good homies
Y'all took the baton and ran with it
The thing is that I was working towards was
The empire is what I was working towards
And y'all took the baton and ran with it so its nothing but love man
Anything y'all need me to do from behind these walls, I'mma do it
You know what I'm saying, without no question

[Verse 1 - Rick Ross:]
The pop wars, temp rises, a hot boy
Is the fat boy, skinny ties
Don't empty mine nigga
Tall ceilings, chandeliers, I'm authentic
Gettin' long money, short winded
Lets go and get it nigga
Bang bang, bitch niggas caught drinkin' chase
Roll that double M, get shot and your finger waves
Twenty chickens watchin' and I still be movin' that base
Gave a job to the children you scared to raise
Chain swangin', name rangin'
Shots fired, same nigga
We movin' weight I'm at a different pace
I'm out in Haïti with my lady screamin' "n'ap boule"
I'm hard to kill, Dade county, Versace Neil
Fourteen for that tattoo worth that dollar bill
Only one man got the combination to the safe
Grammy nominated once, but I'm still moving base

[Hook - Jay Z:]
See them plaques on a nigga wall
We still movin' bass
Got them records jumpin' off the store
We still movin' bass
Copper tried to knock us off
We still movin' bass
Haters throwin' shots through a niggas door
And we still movin' bass

[Verse 2 - Rick Ross:]
Fallin' from the sky, the money bad the bigger
Angels tatted all on me, pray for a lord sinner
Rolls Royce Corniche, sweepin' me off my feet
New bitches they by the fleet and we do em' all by the week
Taz Angels just wanna chill, jewelers just wanna meet
Weed man expnsive, three trips a week
Misses just wanna freak, feds stay up the street
Know they tellin' us close so we leak what we wanna leak
New mob, suit sharp, my suit Farrahkhan
In the house of the lord, my niggas bearin' arms
His eyes wide, nose runny got what he fiendin' for
I'm movin' base, we outta state you know my speakers low
Put the pistol to your mouth now show me to the safe
Grammy nominated once, but I'm still movin' bass

[Hook - Jay Z]

[Verse 3 - Rick Ross:]
You see the plaques on the wall but the yayo still in the spot
See me cousin off to college, I see that it costs a lot
Tallons fillin' the jammy, Miami still in my heart
Niggas playin' the corner, guess their playin' their part
Early coppin' the coupes, ladies stay on our feet
Your brother went to duplex
Smell the dope from across the street
Hoodies come in all flavors, all black if you think you sweet
Arabs sellin' grenades by the box, you'll get it cheap
Schoolin' the little niggas, kilos all in the campus
A passport is necessary visa with all the rubbers
I beef with all of the red cappers
Head to the shop for some tobacco (blocka, blocka, blocka, blocka, blocka!)
BR-80 just a plus don't mention the dust
R-O-C double M kill anything we touch

[Hook - Jay Z]
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