Rick Ross - Magic (Freestyle) Lyrics

Rick Ross Lyrics

Magic (Freestyle) Lyrics
Rubberband on my hundo
[?] a gram for my condo
Your girl love my convo, stood in line for my Concords
Encore! Gave that bitch an encore
F*cked my like a freshman, but
That ass just so sophomore
Said she got that Glock in line
Yeah, what's your GPA
I'm in my Chevy bangin like I'm out of East LA
Them bricks be jumping fast
Call me a Chick Fil-A
Your girl I cut her ass just like I did today
If you dream it live it
We young niggas living
YSL duffle, already know what's in it
I see No Limits: make em say uhh!
I see no niggas with this 100 round drum
Pullin out the club, you know I handle mine
Takin all these hatin niggas' bitches every time
Had to pop the trunk, pull out the chopper like it's magic
50 grand on my lap, poof! Like it's magic

2 bad bitches and I got em [?]
The way I made the work [?]
Sippin on the purple, any other drink magic
Voila! Magic

I'm awake [?] cause I forgot to do my taxes
Called my accountant, he gonna make you do magic
[?] driver tell him drop me at the airport
The way y'all smoke the blunts [?]
50, 000 dollars on a suit, scarf and tie
KE and young Future bringing down the fire
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