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Knights Of The Templar Lyrics
This for the soldiers that see the sun at midnight
I can see it right now, G's up
If it ain't about no check nigga then don't even discuss it

Lord forgive, lord forgive me
Holler if ya hear me
Holding on my rifle, niggas wanna kill me
Send me up to heaven, breaking news Channel 7
Do me like the reverend, Martin Luther dead man
My brother wrote a speech, I loaded up a piece
A cheap rental car, I took it to the streets
Got me Malcolm X, Student of Elijah
All these bitches wet as I'm walking through the fire
I spoke about a Pill now they wanna boycott
When they favorite pastors, turning boys out
I'm mad at my leaders, cause they all blinded
Look at all these brothers that I'm feeding, niggas shining
Criticize the culture, cause they can't control it
Started break dancing, now we black moguls
No behind the music, saving it for Oprah
Still talking kilos, ask me what they go for
Recommended 2Pac, registered at DuPont
Lamborghini roadster, season with croutons
Tailor made suits, Tom Ford gift bag
On my Christmas list, get your bitch ass gift wrapped
Murder after murder, all they want is murder
The west side in me, them boys wanna murder
The east side killing, killing for a million
We gone bang for the top, my niggas go and get it
The day we come together, become a super power
Buy up all the land, now the world is ours
Kilo after kilo, pistol to the people
Come out with your hands up, nigga we the repo

Nigga we the reaper
Put you in the Sleeper
Jake The Snake Roberts nigga
F*ck it with Mr. Roberts
My last name is Roberts nigga
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