Rick Ross - Gunplay Lyrics

Rick Ross Lyrics

Gunplay Lyrics
Run with me or run from me the verse come the worst it's only gonna be gunplay.

Feel me nigga [? ]

I'm sittin at the table countin my money ain't where I wanna be but I gotta few 100 lot of talk on the street like a nigga crossin me {true}. well it something I gotta see

Is it how chain swang tied at my face telling lies gettin niggas wise tied up and raped similar to the mob it's deeper than rap all you niggas gettin robbed at the cell phones tapped bullet in my head bullet in my chest yeah they want a nigga dead then you'll be my success to be loved to be loved oh what a feeling 100 rounds in the trunk niggas get wacked no sympathy for the soft niggas snitchin I know bitches who clippin you dick off I'm a boss champagne with the steak
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