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F*ck With Your Shoes On Lyrics
You Wanna F*ck Me? Handcuf Me?
You Betta Wine And Dine Me
Cop Me Tha Biggest Diamond You Can Find Me
Some Librachi Shit That'll Blind Me
G.G Hunna Tiffany Necklace
Fly Me To Paris Just Fo Breakfast
Sip Champaine Dress Tha Freshest
Hopin Out Tha Cario Lay Lexis
Material Girl Like Madonna
Ms. Trina Tha Pre Madonna
Bad Bitch With Tha Beez An Tha Power
Ice In My Neck And Itz Freeze In Ma Colla
So What You Wanna Do Tonight?
You Wanna Get Me In Tha Mood Tonight?
Lick Me Down Low Do What You Like Just Make Sure I Get My Nut Tonight.

[Rick Ross:]
Ima Man That Can Move Slow
Let Me Get It Wet First; Sex, Ima Expert
You Gon Love A Nigga Bet By Tha Next Verse
Raw, Set, Thaz Right (Thaz Right)
Lets Ride (Lets Ride)Cruz Slow
Thaz How Stretched Out In Tha S5
Shorties Wave From Tha Corner Wen I Come Thru
Many Hoes Wana Holla But I Want Chu
You Know I Got A Spot Now At Tha Yawt House
Like A Month Ago Wanna Go Let Tha Cock Out
Not Now But We To Far To Stop Now
She Dun Crossed Her Arms Yea She Call Herself Hot Now
Cool Off With Tha Top Down
Oh Boy. F*ck Wit A Po Boy
U Need A Nigga Like Me Girl (So Real)
My Money Longer Then Tha Distance On Yo Phone Bill
I Shudnt Hear Those Words That I Caint Touch
When I Got You In Paris Like It Aint Much
First Class, Coach U Know That Aint Us
Cumin Bak To Bak Tongue Lookin Like A Paint Brush
Me And My Nigga Dem Feel Us
U F*ckin Wit Sum Dealaz
Ima Hit It Like The Real Us
Call It Real Lust

Girl! Dont Make Wait Too Long [x3]
[Girl:] Why
I Wanna F*ck U With Ur Shoes On
(Grl): Riiight
I Wanna F*ck U With Ur Shoes On
[Girl:] Yeaaaa
All Day All Night Long
[Girl:] Yeaaa
Ima Stand Up So Strong
[Girl:] Yeaaaaaa
Grl Please Sing This Song!

All Tonight Baby U And Me We Can Just Go Somwhere Grl
I Been Wantin U Babey Grl U Dont Know How Hard I Am
Ill Stick This Dick So Far In U Girl
Ill Drive U Crazy
Its U An Me, Baby Take A Chance
Im F*ckin You Right Here On Tha Floor
Ill Drive U Crazzy, Girl Come Wit Me Baby Take A Chance
Ill Take U Where U Wanted Ta Go ; Ill Drive U Crazzey

[Other Person:]
Check It Out Right Imma 2 At Time Type
Head Dyke, Sistaz, Friendz,
Night Stiff When Im In Those Skins
Quit Fightin It And Jus Fight Tha Dick
Ima Skeet At Tha Peek Of Tha Heat
Put Cream On Tha Sheets, Whip Cream In Tha Sheets
Cancel Yo Husband Dance Wit A Thug
Then Afta Tha Club -Im Gettin Into Sumthin-
A Few Hundred Is Nuthin
I Run Thru Numberz
Fo All U Newcommers Aint Know
They Come And Tha Go
I Cum In They Throat
Some Of Choke But Sum Of Them Go
But The Funny Thing Is Nun Of Em Say No
And Y's That? Cuz Of High Stats
Cuz A Nigga Cant Hide Then Dipads
When I Fly Pass U Try Ta Catch!
Just A Lil Bit Of Contact
Windows Down, Get A Whiff Of That Indo Now
Request Sex; Even Tho We Jus Met
I Need A Bitch A Can Keep On Deck
Strictly Fo Neck When I Be On X
Neva Spill Drink But She Sink In Tha Lex
U Got A Thing For Rings Or Regrets
Wit Tha Card Tell Big Things Come Next Yes.


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