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Rick Ross Lyrics

Free Enterprise Lyrics
God is great, first and foremost
Don't you wish everything could be so perfect?

Free Enterprise, overexposed
Irritated, educated still scribble my flows
The jubilation, the euphoria
Pushing a foreign in the morning
Pick your daughter up
Drop your seed off, let the weed up
Slow motion, fast forward till we speed up
Grinding till my new account is fully at ease
Beefing with broke niggas really like pulling my teeth
Get away from me, you looking so suspicious
Light pocket, heavy hearted, you simple minded niggas
Don't be jealous of me, I keep enough foes
Get all the sneakers, not enough clothes
You can have the ex, I got enough hoes
You can have my next, once we a month old
Reptile black [?] handle
Now the trophy on the mantle, well I got a Phantom
Being down and out was inconceivable
When you find out the one you love is just misleading you
Tryna make a living, remain spiritual
Egotistical ways I embraced back in middle school
If the chick was game, we would run a train
Send her home on a bus, then forget her name
But now the bitches be the realest ones
I done cried on the shoulder when I'm feeling numb
See the man getting life and never shed a tear
But his daughter in the night never pierced her ears
Time will come when all that nice shit disappears
Why you think I'm on the night shift with the [?]
Mind frame of that boy that was found [?]
[?] you can tell I been around 'cane
Double R, Ricky Ross, bitch we been the game
Bottom of the black market, tryna rise the game

My inner Andre 3000
So many false allegations , is my image tainted
3 weeks in the hole, as if a nigga heinous
As I'm pacing in the cell all this pictures painted
All i wanted was some Bel Air [?]
[?] just because I'm famous
Or is it cause' I'm rich and I know what pain is?
Assassinate Trump like I'm Zimmerman
Now accept these words as they came from Eminem
Democratic party sentenced to the pendulum
Killing them, I voted for Andre Benjamin
Head of black music do you know what rhythm is?
Stick your head in the basket, it gets venomous
Straight clear my chicks finish my sentences
Time to squash to beef, I kill a nemesis
Show up at the wedding in my Timberlands
And for the record, know my best man will kill a bitch

[John Legend:]
So if I die before I wake, say I, I lived my way
Never said I would be perfect
Never said that I deserved it
Never said I wouldn't lie
Never said I wouldn't make my mum cry
But if I'm gon' die, I believe it's alright
It was so amazing, so amazing
It was so amazing, so amazing
I wouldn't change a thing, no no no
It was so amazing, so amazing
It was so amazing, so amazing
I wouldn't change a thing
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