Rick Ross - Crack A Bottle Freestyle Lyrics

Rick Ross Lyrics

Crack A Bottle Freestyle Lyrics
Deeper than rap niggah, we got alot to celebrate, april 21st for one, for two phony yeyo has officaly checked in to rehab, no more crack smoke, hah,
Lloyd Banks is dating Perez Hilton, he came out of his closet

Best time of my life, hoochie coochie popping bottle, you know my motto, shake that bitch from top to bottom, hit the blunt take a swallow
April 21st I'll take over the universe, I get more pussy than curly curl just taking of my shirt, hah, how you love that? I know the hoes do
G-g-g-g-g hoop those niggas hoes to, them niggas finish before I'm even in this sentence, shout out to aftermath, I know it's stricly buisness
Dre say one of them beats to the south curly fish.
Shout out to eminem we working in the future. one time for phony yeyo two time I got to shoot ya far from a barricade, hes at the chattering,
It's ricky ross ay
I'm on that better shit, you niggaz ju ju bean I'm the ladderman, it's not a hurricane couse I can weather it, it's ricky rossey, and I'm a punish ya,
You f*cking monkeys everyone of ya
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