Rick Ross - Burn Lyrics

Rick Ross Lyrics

Burn Lyrics
Get down! Get down!
Everyone, get down! Get down!
Get f*cking down!

Buried alive, they let my dogs burn
Gave 'em twenty-five, they wanna see you burn
Take a nigga ride, just to let a nigga burn
Whether they roam or ride, they wanna see you burn

Burn, burn, they wanna see you burn
Burn, burn, they wanna see you burn
Fifty rounds in my choppa, I'm bustin' till ya burn
Fifty kilos I'm flippin', that's money I can burn
Burn, burn, they wanna see you burn
Burn, burn, they wanna see you burn
Twenty grand get a kilo, your culture gotta burn
George Zimmerman, when I see you, you gotta burn

[Verse 1:]
I'm still flowin' like I'm Donald [?]
Best seller, crack dealer lyin' round the corner
Where you from with me that never matter nigga
Since she on my dick, I hope she bought a ladder with her
It's time to flip, I sell two-hundred mil
Sellin' kilos, robbin' niggas, got a Reebok deal
Major real-estate, them Wing Stops must be doin' nice
Trappin' lemon pepper, got me movin' two a night
Forty cars and I swear to God
Real nigga till the day I die, that's inshallah
These niggas prayin' on my downfall
Back it up, these niggas prayin' on my downfall
Half a chicken, bitch I'm ballin' up in K.O.D
It's pocket change when you get them hoes for ten a key
Catch me out in Vegas, tables I gamble with Puff
Me and homies split whatever like Gamble and Huff


[Verse 2:]
Murder one, now tell me what you know about it
My niggas share that knowledge, show me how to go about it
I'm still flossin' like I'm Meechie nigga
Blowin' money fast, cause I'm still eatin', nigga
And I bought that chopper for you geechie niggas
I got a couple dollars, so that make it easy nigga
Ruthless records so I must be Eazy, nigga
She another case, I wanna touch and tease her, nigga
I'm bringin' dough in like I'm Lyor Cohen
A nigga scorin' like I'm Michael Jordan
And I'm still stuntin' like I'm Birdman
Bought a million dollar watch just like Birdman
Went from sellin' dope so now I'm into art
Hangin' on a nigga wall, I see a brainwash
F*ck a Rolls Royce, I went and bought a Basquiat
Andy Warhols all throughout my mamma house


[Verse 3:]
Burn, burn, they wanna see me burn
Sticky stick on Nintendo, these niggas finna learn
But it's comin' to hit you, make you shit in your stomach
All these niggas makin' flights when all I make is commas
Hottest nigga in the game, I put that on my momma
My girl be snortin' that white, I call her Madonna
I'm in the Jewish mob, my mentor was [?]
If you think I'm soft, then Jeter gon' pop you
He trynna see a mil, ain't thinkin' no lobster
You want a record deal, come deal with a mobster
You better know whose toes you steppin' on
Push your button, I can turn this bitch to Lebanon


George Zimmerman, when I see you, you gotta burn
Tell your brother and momma, they gotta burn
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