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Rick Ross Lyrics

911 Lyrics
God forgives... I don't
In other words, retaliation is a must!

I bow my head, I pray to God
Survival of the fittest: help me hold my chopper lord!
If I die today, on the highway to heaven
Can I let my top down in my 911?
In my 911?
In my 911?
In my 911?
In my 911?
Financial fanatic, 40 bricks in my attic
400K in my baggage, 80 round automatic
You can't stop a bullet, this one for the money
Secret indictments, Porsche costs me 200

[Verse 1:]
F*ck all these broke niggas cause all I do is ball
Ain't no more off days, my crib look like a mall
Fired the stylist, went and bought a big and tall
Niggas still scheming, but we sliding on 'em all!
I remember picking watermelons
Now the Porsche cost me a quarter million!
If I die tonight I know I'm coming back nigga
Reincarnated: big black fat nigga!


[Verse 2:]
F*ck your investigation, started my elevation
Cherry red 911 straight to my destination
Mayweather got a fight, make me some reservations
Knew I flew private nigga, strapped with no hesitations
Gucci Pucci money long, he got 20 cars
Graduated from them blocks, now it's stocks and bonds
Hoes wanna know, hoes wanna show
They know a nigga's name, they know a nigga's strong
F*ck with me!


[Verse 3: 2 Chainz]
When I climb on top, I say I'm into you
A lot of chickens in the coupe; cock-a-doodle-doo
I f*cked the secretary, f*ck the interview
If I was in the NBA, I'd hoop in Gucci tennis shoes
Chopper spray like antihistamines
Triple beam, Versace swag on creatine
When I left the lot, I spent a half a milli
When I pulled up to your spot, I had a half a ceiling
Got your bitch with me, trying to suck up
I don't trust my chauffeur, so shut the f*ck up
Uh, the new chopper hold a hundred rounds
When I park on the curb, the grill look like Bobby Brown

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