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Substance Abuse Lyrics
When you die what you own on Earth won't be coming with you
So all that fat shit you've got, I ain't trippin that ain't an issue
If you've got vibes, on a cool level we can talk but if you live lies
Through material-fertilized eyes and fantasize then walk
I use my vocals like chalk to sketch the picture you can see it
See unfold what I thought in my mind when I free it
Did the swallow get caught? Yo does your throat feel tight?
Do you see what can happen when Atmosphere grabs the mic?
Just a word for you its funny and I think you caught its fever
All that shit you watch on tv has made you a believer
You don't have to like me bitch, cuz I don't really like you either
I don't care if you're rich, I had your girl, and I'm a leave her
Word I'm eager, to disrespect the petty thoughts of many reps
As I take steps and climb and leave footprints on your mind
I've designed my own lifestyle words and vowels instead of "rifals"
And hang out with rhymepals who tower like the "Eiffel"

[talking for eight bars]
A lot of things change and somethings don't
A lot of people fall off and some say they won't
That's right (That's right) [x2]
Cuz we'll f*ck up your life like a crack pipe

It's the TC's original b-boy Extreme
So when a nigga calls next you better pick your team
I hit the seam like doublestitch, twitch and get bent
A Rhymesayer nothing less than one hundred percent
You cats are far from inventive, cool and calm
I destruct an angled emcee before the touch of dawn
My wand be makin niggaz go "poof" with smoke
Nothing left but adidas, X ain't no joke
I'm not out to get the quote of the month
F*ck a stunt
I'd rather grab the microphone and give you what you want
Opposite of a flaunt cuz my shits bang hard
Yeah you bust but I'm black jack you pulled the wrong card
There may be one too many I give you plenty like excessive
If you're wack and grab the mic you end up in a state of depressive-
-Ness yes, couldn't pass the test with a calculator
Rhymes like piranha, beat designed by the ANTinator
Hater never, I just wait till you're tired
And then I give your ass a ticket cuz that last shit's expired
Better yet tired, cuz your position's been terminated
Wack niggaz bug me like pests and get exterminated


(Yo Yo Yo)
Wanted to see if it was alive, started poking it (All:Pokin it!)
How could it survive when you're chokin it? (All:Chokin it!)
When I can get a firm grip, I'm holdin it (All: Holdin it!)
And when I'm broke, I wear my girls deodorant [laughs]
Wait, did I say my girl, I meant my pimp
Cuz she's the one with the money, and she walks with a limp
And honey, if you wanna purr you gotta register with her
Cuz she gets ninety five percent before any events occur
Sir, your self-imploding ego is adorable
Word, but your immature stee-lo is ignorable
I don't know, maybe I'm just getting too old to flow
How much more must I invent before you seek retirement?
Repent and tell God that you feel shitty bout your actions
Bent in the back and I can only blame my passions
Well rounded relapses kept me at a fraction
When the wind died I found myself spread across the Tascam
How much thought did you put into that verse you brought?
What made you think I wasn't gonna mock? Put a f*cking tube sock
In that hole because I think it started to leak
Take two dicks and call me in a week

[Chorus x2]

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