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The Goobergoo And The Kantan Lyrics
Long, long ago, in the land of the Golden Pools lived a magnificent green
Gooberggoo. He dwelt in a wood-pond, like all other Goobergoos, who are the
Frogs of Fairyland, and sang the most beautiful songs. His mellow voice was
Known, far and wide, for its charming medlodies.
"An emerald Goobergoo I,
In the land of the Golden Pools,
My note, 'neath amber sky,
The elfin kingdom rules."
Thus sang the beautiful green Goobergoo, on his
Pebble in the wood-pond, in the land of the Golden
The Kantan was jealous, furiously jealous, and
Trouble brews when the wrath of the Kantan is
"Who is this insignificant creature that dares to
Reval me; who dares to insult the Kantan?"
But the beautiful green Goobergoo did not care a
Bit. What if the Kantan were a large bird with a long
Beak? He, the beautiful green Goobergoo, excelled in song.
"The Kantan is indeed,
A large and mawkish bird,
Whose voice is sore in need
Of never being heard."
At this the Kantan became doubly furious, for he
Hated the gentle ballads of the Goobergoo. His delight was ragtime.
"Oh, ma babe, waltz with me, kid.
Gee, you've got me off ma lid.
Kiddo, dear, you're sure the candy,
Come and spiel wid your boy Sandy."
One bleak day, the Kantan gobbled up the Goobergoo, and, to this day, the
Sweet singer of ballads lies vanquished by the ungainly bird of ragtime.
The beautiful wood-pond has dried up, and in its place stands a vaudeville
Theater managed by George M. Cohan.

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