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Take Him Lyrics
He was a cutie - I admit I used to care.
But it's my duty to myself to take the air.
I won't prevent you from eloping if you wish
May I present you with this tasty dish

Take him, you don't have to pay for him
Take him, it's free
Take him, I won't make a play for him
He's not for me.
He has no head to think with
True, that high heart is asleep.
But he has eyes to wink with.
You can have him cheap.
Keep him and just for the lure of it
Marry him too.
Keep him, for you can be sure of it
He can't keep you.
So take my old jalopy
Keep him from falling apart.
Take him, but don't ever take him to heart.

Thanks little mousey, for the present and all that
But in this housy, I would rather keep a rat
Only a wizard could reform that class of males
They say a lizard can not change his scales.

Take him, I won't put a price on him
Take him, he's yours
Take him, pajamas look nice on him.
But how he snores!
Thought he is well adjusted
Certain things make him a wreck.
Last year his arm was busted
Reaching for a check.
His thoughts are seldom consecutive
He just can't write.
I know a movie executive
Who's twice as bright,
Lots of good luck, you'll need it
And you'll need aspirin, too
Take him, but don't ever let him take you.

I hope that things will go well with him;
I bear no hate.
All I can say is the hell with him
He gets the gate.
So take my benediction,
Take my old benedict, too
Take him away, it's too good to be true.

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