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Spic And Spanish Lyrics
There's no Cinderella in Spain;
That story was pulled by a Dane.
Our young girls are simple and pure,
But watched night and day to be sure
And now I'm alone,
Wide awake and full-grown,
With no fairy prince
To call on the phone.
What's the matter with me
There, I'm here all alone.

All dressed up
Spic and spanish
But I got no place to go
Got some thing I got to show.
All dressed up
Slick and spanish
No one takes me for a ride
Haven't got a thing to hide
I want to go away
Where the men make music.
And play till the night is day.
Cock-a-doodle daddy!
Spic and span
Spic and spanish
Not the type to cook or sew.
Here's the girl but where's the beau?
I want to go away! Away!

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