Rated R - U Gon F*ck... U Gon Suck (Da Rulez) Lyrics

Rated R Lyrics

U Gon F*ck... U Gon Suck (Da Rulez) Lyrics
[talking in beginning]
You ready 2 ride? Iz you ready to ride?

[chorus: x2]
U gon f*ck u gon suck, get yo ass up out my truck. Talk dat shit, ride dat dick. You don't know who you f*ckin wit.

Nice fit, nice flow, f*ck like a pro. And when it come to nuts, I put Snickers on da do. Da pipe so right, I make dyke turn right, like Mike did to basketball. Seein a bitch I f*ck, you can ask em all, who dey call to cum in mo ways dem one. First I'll come to the house, Second time I cum, prolley be on the couch, Third time I come, oohh off in yo mouf. Where I come from? Bitch deep down souf, Tampa, got mo shit den a ova do pamper. Tell yo gurl she got a ride, she can scamper. Cuz I'ma take ya home, but all da faking gone. I'ma here to make ya moan, like all nite long.So come out the thongs, and go head on, cuz f*ckin wit a ni99a like me, bitch u gon.

[chorus x2]

A ni99a like me be ready to ride, all da way live, in my X5. Need to shift the dick in 4-wheel drive. Can you drive a stick? Can you handle da dick? And do ya really know who u f*ckin wit? Cuz I need a raw hoe, not a false hoe. Take dick in da jaw hoe, suck it in da Tahoe. Naw hoe, ain't no virgins in my Excursion, and in da Suburban, u betta be serving.Dats how it is dese days, bitch butt naked in my Escalade. Bend dat ass ova in da Range Rover, or we can switch positions in my Expedition. I heard she smoke and she drank, oh really? Well you need to come in my Denali, or do u wanna gimme some in da Yukon? Hit ya like unh, unh.

[chorus x2]

Ride. Ride. Ride.Here I go like a decole, in my big boi truck, I'm still smokin, puttin bitches in da cut. Come here guh let me take u in my new H2, bend u, break u, make otha hoes hate you. I feel you in here what yo body be tellin me, so let's do it in the Lex470, make you feel so heavenly, the best time of you life,guh I betta be. And I ain't even braggin, so many women I be taggin, in my Mercedez Jeep Wagon. And I love to ride high, on 22s, on 23s, on 24s, on 25s. Straight quarter, witcha daughter, when I'm doin my thang, she off da chain, left her booty prints on the wood grain. Yeah mane,(it's a game) ay all I'm sayin is you gon.

[chorus till fade]
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