Rae Sremmurd - We Lyrics

Rae Sremmurd Lyrics

We Lyrics
[Intro: Swae Lee]

[Hook: Swae Lee]
You grab the Ciroc, you grab the Henny
We just walked in the building
You grab the Ace, you grab the Remy
We just f*cked up the party
We brought hoes to the party
We f*ck bad bitches only
We brought drugs to the party
We just f*cked up the party

[Verse 1: Swae Lee]
She had the nerve to tell me spill the beeeaanns
So she could grab one or two
I'm a money making machiiinnnne
Simon says get your shit together
Do I got girls in here for me? Yessir!
Is the set in here for me? Yessir!
Ole Giuseppe stepping motherf*cker
Two girls in wonderland,blowing smoke on one another
And they talking brand spanking new
Boy I got the sauce, f*ck yo juice (woo woo)
We killed that swag shit in '93
Now we got yo whole set body rocking


[Verse 2: Slim Jimmy]
Look who showed up to crash the party
Too many cars for valet parking
Twenty cars deep, we at the party
Bad bitches only, no local thotties
We like the girls who go to college
We let em drink up all the vodka
Popped a bean, she's talking proper
Got so high, I almost lost her
Fell off in the party drunk before it even started
This the life we chose, drugs, money, models, bottles
Woo! I'm that Remy drinking motherf*cker
Pop the cork and watch it bubble, let me fill yo cup up
Girls kissing girls, and they kissing Jimmy
You not in my section, can you mind your f*cking business
Who gon be my driver when I hit the freeway?
I grab the styrofoam and mix it like a DJ


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