Rae Sremmurd - My X Lyrics

Rae Sremmurd Lyrics

My X Lyrics
[Hook x2:]
My ex-bitch, I'm shinin' on my ex-bitch
My ex-bitch, I'm shinin' on my ex-bitch
My ex-bitch, I'm shinin' on my ex-bitch
My ex-bitch, I'm shinin' on my ex-bitch

[Verse 1 - Swae Lee:]
The ho should've never chose me
And I should've never chose her
Now I'm in the same predicament that you was in
Back then when you was f*ckin' 'round with her
A ho just gon' be a ho
And a slut just gon' be a slut
But now my money long, real, real, real long
And I just can't give two f*cks
Look, you should've had a check, bitch
(Hold on a second)
You could've had a check, bitch
Shoulda, coulda, woulda, now I'm with my next bitch
And you just another name on the checklist
F*ck these hoes, been tossed and thrown 'round
Bitch oh pee-yew, you so foul
How you gon' do all of that there and put your head down?
As a man that's all I really got to say about you
Damn, gon' call my phone askin', "Can we start over?"
She interruptin' me, countin' my money, I had to start over

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - Slim Jimmy:]
My ex bitch, must have been defective
But my new bitch, look like Cinderella
She a dime bitch, ain't too much you can tell her
Upgrade everything, new whip, new bitch, new bezel
Got the Lam, chopped, it ain't nothin', I'm the real Hugh Hefner
And you didn't work out, that's cool cause my new bitch better
Bitch, you busted, it ain't no more red bottoms
No more overseas shoppin' but yes I'll still take that sloppy
I know you see me in that 'Rari cause it ain't no ceilings
When I see you in the city, it ain't no hard feelings
Ho', you shoulda used your head, bitch
Hey, you coulda had a check, bitch

[Hook x2]

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