Queen Latifah - Nuff Of The Ruff' Stuff' Lyrics

Queen Latifah Lyrics

Nuff Of The Ruff' Stuff' Lyrics
Get funky with it

I told you before: you burn when you play with fire
So take off your hats, matter of fact hail the new Sire
You're hungry as hell, so i'm cookin up the chowder
It's laced with ingredients, gon' come on like gunpowder
Pom-pom! lick a shot, then I got to order
I'm runnin for the border for causin disorder
Pom-pom! lick a shot, got on my defenses
I'm runnin for the fences, of course I'm relentless
The particular name of this queen is Latifah
I've often been classified as a feminine teacher
Collectively capture the heart of a nation
Love my culture and show appreciation
You're lookin for the black influ'?
I do want too give it to you
What are you mad?
Give me some of what you had!
You can huff-huff, puff-puff and bluff-bluff
But I got nuff of the ruff stuff

(Ruff and tuff)
(And all that stuff)

Now nuff of the ruff stuff, that's what I do, and I do it well
The proof is in the puddin, I show and prove, not show and tell
Talk tales, you get caught up in a crossfire
Buckshot must be what you want and desire
I write concepts, I don't be frontin or be buggin
I solely write the rhymes for the beats that you be lovin
It's a love thang, the Queen doin her thang
If I was a liquid, you would drink me like Tanq'
You think I'm kickin things that I myself don't even heed?
I rap not for the love of music, but for greed?
"Latifah's booty, yo, she could never succeed"
You watch me do it and boom it, the Flavor Unit will snap necks
You a-fi listen a likkle, you fi go buy the cassette
You're starvin, cause you ain't had enough
That's right, nuff of the ruff stuff

(Ruff and tuff)
(And all that stuff)

You talk about flavor...
I got enough flavor to make a grapefruit sweet
Get old ladies jumpin out of their seats
Change a peach to a pear to a plum with a little sun 'n rays
I got flavor for days
Now I'm the type that the fellas call a honey, and
From me you know you get a worth for your money, and
This is no meaningless attack, I gave you a chance
Matter of fact, yo, I ordered them to 'dance
For me', they tried to turn me 'inside out'
They felt the 'wrath of my madness', I let them 'come into my house'
It's called 'latifah's law', for the criminal to curse
And all the gentlemen know its rule: 'ladies first'
Not the typical female that tends to
Fall vitim to the 'evil that men do'
Small puff, I call your bluff
I'm not mad, I just had enuff of the ruff stuff

(Ruff and tuff)
(And all that stuff)

Everybody know Latifah love positivity
Now positivity erase negativity
Mi comin inna di dance ???
Me rollin with the Flavor Unit posse
As a black woman mi want equality
Equality, and di freedom to be me
Mi have a mother Rita, only call her Mommy
Likkle brother and sister, Angelo and Kelly
A brother in them laws, but mi call him Winki
Lost mi daddy and ??? family
??? black ??? black country
Believe in one God, one tribe, one destiny

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