Queen Latifah - Cue the Rain Lyrics

Queen Latifah Lyrics

Cue the Rain Lyrics
You know it's over (yeah)
But you don't wanna say (uhn-uh)
You see the writing on the wall but you don't wanna read

And now you're hopin' (yeah)
That there'll be something different (uh huh)
Something to change the circumstances of the way you're livin'

But that's that fantasy
That's that reality
The one you love that keeps on changing personalities
It's always jealousy, too much intensity
I don't remember signing over my I- Identity

Cus I gave it to you freely, didn't know you was so needy
Baby, you got my heart in chains
Something beautiful and bright, it's losing all it's flight
On this site- somebody cue the rain

Cue the rain
Cue the rain
Why you driving me so insane?
Cue the rain
Didn't know you'd be so greedy
Baby, you got my heart in chains

Now you met me on the fly
I was, flyin' so high
You said; I can fly too
That's the start of me and you

Chemistry; what a blast
Had us moving so fast
Ooh baby what a ride when your love is the map
(Let's go)

Love the way I move
In the crowd, still a jewel
I rule it all with these, cus I got that joie de vivre

But I Tink around in the story of Pan
I got caught up, and Captain Hook is my man
But I want free love



If you don't love me now
You will never love me again
I can still hear you say;
You will never, never break, never break the chains



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