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From the Album Man Plans God Laughs (2015) (buy at
Man Plans God Laughs
No Sympathy From The Devil
Me To We
Man Plans God Laughs
Give Peace A Damn
Those Who Know Know Who
Honky Talk Rules
Mine Again
Lost In Space Music
Praise The Loud

From the Album The Evil Empire Of Everything (2012) (buy at
The Evil Empire Of Everything
The Evil Empire Of
Don't Give Up The Fight
1 (Peace)
2 (Respect)
Beyond Trayvon
Notice (Know This)
Broke Diva
Say It Like It Really Is

From the Album Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp (2012) (buy at
Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp
Run Till It's Dark
Get Up Stand Up
Most Of My Heroes Still...
I Shall Not Be Moved
Get It In
Catch The Thrown
Truth Decay

From the Album How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul? (2007) (buy at

How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul
Black Is Back
Harder Than You Think
Sex, Drugs & Violence
Can You Hear Me Now
The Enemy Battle Hymn Of The Public
See Something, Say Something
Long And Whining Road
Eve Of Destruction

From the Album Rebirth Of A Nation (2006) (buy at

Raw Shit
Hard Rhymin'
Can't Hold Us Back
Hard Truth Soldiers
Hannibal Lecture
Rebirth Of A Nation
Pump The Music, Pump The Sound
Make It Hardcore
They Call Me Flavor
Plastic Nation
Invisible Man
Hell No (We Ain't Alright) (Paris Remix)
Watch The Door
Field Nigga Boogie (XLR8R Remix)

From the Album New Whirl Odor (2005) (buy at

New Whirl Odor
Bring That Beat Back
MKLVFKWR (Make Love, F*ck War)
What A Fool Believes
Makes You Blind
Preachin To The Quiet
Check What You're Listening To
As Long As The People Got Somethin To Say
Y'all Don't Know
Supermans Black In The Building

From the Album Revolverlution (2002) (buy at

Gotta Give the Peeps What They Need
Son of a Bush

From the Album Apocalypse 91 ... The Enemy Strikes Black (2001) (buy at
1992 Soul Train Music Award for Best Rap - Album
Lost At Birth
Can't Truss It
I Don't Wanna Be Called Yo Nigga
How To Kill A Radio Consultant
By The Time I Get To Arizona
1 Million Bottlebags
More News At 11
Shut Em Down
A Letter To The New York Post
Get The F... Outta Dodge
Bring Tha Noize

From the Album It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back (2000) (buy at

Don't Believe The Hype
Cold Lampin' With Flavor
Terminator X To The Edge of Panic
Louder Than A Bomb
Bring The Noise
Caught, Can We Get A Witness?
She Watch Channel Zero?!
Night Of The Living Baseheads
Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos
Rebel Without A Pause
Prophets Of Rage
Party For Your Right To Fight

From the Album There's A Poison Goin On.... (1999) (buy at

Do You Wanna Go Our Way ???
Here I Go
First The Sheep Next The Shepherd ?
World Tour Sessions
What What
Swindlers Lust

From the Album He Got Game (1998) (buy at

He Got Game
Shake Your Booty
Is Your God A Dog
House Of The Rising Son
Revelation 33 1/3 Revolutions
Game Face
Politics Of The Sneaker Pimps
What You Need Is Jesus
Super Agent
Go Cat Go
Sudden Death (Interlude)

From the Album Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age (1994) (buy at

Whole Lotta Love Goin On In The Middle Of Hell
Give It Up
What Side You On?
Bedlam 13:13
Stop In The Name...
What Kind Of Power We Got?
So Whatcha Gone Do Now?
Live And Underground (Pt. 1 & 2)
White Heaven / Black Hell
Rage Against Time
They Used To Call It Dope
Aintnuttin Buttersong
Thin Line Between Law & Rape
I Ain't Mad At All
Death Of A Carjacka
I Stand Accused
Godd Complexx
Hitler Day
Living In A Zoo A (Remix)

From the Album Greatest Misses (1992) (buy at

Tie Goes The Runner
Hit Da Road Jack
Gett Off My Back
Gotta Do What I Gotta Do
Air Hoodlum

From the Album Fear Of A Black Planet (1990) (buy at

Brothers Gonna Work It Out
911 Is A Joke
Incident At 66.6 FM
Welcome To The Terrordome
Meet The G That Killed Me
Anti-Nigger Machine
Burn Hollywood Burn
Power To The People
Who Stole The Sole?
Fear Of A Black Planet
Revolutionary Generation
Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man
Reggie Jax
B. Side Wins Again
War At 33 1/3
Fight The Power

From the Album Yo! Bum Rush The Show (1987) (buy at

You're Gonna Get Yours
Sophisticated Bitch
Miuzi Weighs A Ton
Too Much Posse
Rightstarter (Message To A Black Man)
Public Enemy No. 1
Yo! Bum Rush The Show
Raise The Roof

Other Songs:
13th Message/Livin' In A Zoo
Get The F*ck Outta Dodge
Hazy Shade of Criminal
Hell No We Ain't All Right
Kill Em Live
Rumbo N Da Jungo
Shut Em Down (Remix)

Public Enemy Info:

Public Enemy is an American hip hop group consisting of Chuck D, Flavor Flav, DJ Lord, The S1W group, Khari Wynn and Professor Griff.

Their first four albums during the late 1980s and early 1990s were all certified either gold or platinum and were, according to music critic Robert Hilburn in 1998, "the most acclaimed body of work ever by a rap act." -Wikipedia

Also known as:

Long Island, New York, U.S.

Hip hop

Years active:

Chuck D (Carlton D. Ridenhour) - MC

Flavor Flav (William Drayton) – hype man, occasionally lead vocals

Khari Wynn – guitars

DJ Lord (Lord Aswod) – DJ

Professor Griff (Richard Griffin) - Minister of Information

Past Members:
Terminator X (Norman Rogers) - DJ, Producer

Sister Souljah (Lisa Williamson) - Minister of Information
(took over Richard Griffin's place while Griffin left group)

Did You Know:
• They were inducted into the 2013 class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

• in 2005 they received the Mobo Award for Outstanding Contribution To Black Music

Public Enemy Quotes::
Let me hear ya'll say 'Yeeeeeeaaaaaah, booooooyyyyyeeeee'!
Flavor Flav

You can go and sneak up on Brigitte cause she be having the knockers laying down on her chest, kid. For real.
Flavor Flav

Flavor Flavvvvvv!
Flavor Flav

"I ain't scared to do it again but I ain't really trying to. I want to do a talk show or something. I've done enough dating on TV. I'm ready to spread my wings and go down other avenues. I don't want to just stay stuck on one page 'cause you don't make it to the end of the book [that way]."
Flavor Flav

A lot of times black folks look for love in all the wrong places. You're always looking for somebody to love you, be accepted, and there's the insecurities that are even transmitted through rap. Everyone is trying to aim to please too much.
Chuck D.

I think governments are the cancer of civilization.
Chuck D.

I think right about now we have to beware of marketed Malcolms and Martins. Real people do real things.
Chuck D.

I'd rather have a hundred thousand or a million people saying I'm nuts and I'm crazy for my musical choices and what I've said lyrically, than a million people all raising their hand on the first day.
Chuck D.

If they can send you to war at 18, maybe it's beneficial for some people to think that most of us gotta go to war for our own existence.
Chuck D.

Of course voting is useful. But then again, I don't put a big glow to it. Voting is about as essential as washing yourself. It's something you're supposed to do. Now, you can't go around bragging, expecting to get props because you voted. That's stupid.
Chuck D.

There are too many leaders anointed because they have a public voice - television, radio, or record, or whatever. That even includes myself. In the past, I'd say, 'Don't anoint me when you can anoint yourself.'
Chuck D.

We don't see the people who are doing real things getting enough props. We often see politicians who are everywhere but nowhere at the same goddamn time. You know the kind of person: You see them everywhere on television but nowhere in front of your face.
Chuck D.

You have to wait for people to program you. The only difference is the amount of people that you're going to reach but that's going to even out in the next two or three years anyway. Computers are being bought faster than televisions right now.
Chuck D.

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